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Un-Nature. De-Natura (Rerum)

Public Talk

Frank Ruda

Dec '22

Un-Nature. De-Natura (Rerum)

The distinction between nature and culture is, by its very nature, a cultural one  – since it is only cultural beings that (are able to) make and operate this distinction. It is thus a distinction that implicitly also distinguishes between beings that make this distinction and (a) being(s) that do(es) not. The concept of nature is therefore as concept a cultural and for this very reason an un-natural one. But how does the un-nature of any concept of nature come to the fore? The lecture will address this question by problematizing the diverse assumptions of structure and stability that we (cannot but?) make when we refer to the thing, to das Ding, called nature – and especially, today, when nature’s most stable feature is taken to be its inherent fragility and instability.

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