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Public Talk


Meitha Al Mazrooei's talk offers a closer look at how fragrance played an essential role in the historical relations between architecture and capital that resulted from a cross-cultural knowledge exchange that was facilitated by a book-making industry in 13th century Iraq.⁠

Meitha Al Mazrooei

Oct '22

Public Talk

ware talk_image_IMG_6594.jpg

Ben Ware's talk will offer a closer look at Ware’s research into the politics and ethics of extinction.⁠

Ben Ware

Oct '22

DSC00423 (1).JPG

Moza Almatrooshi's will take a closer look at her artistic practice, particularly in relation to her research and work around bee populations and agricultural production. ⁠

Moza Almatrooshi

Sept '22

Public Talk

Rohit Goel.png

Rohit Goel's talk explores the structural homology between political economy and the production of value in capitalism and political ecology and the transformation of nature in the ‘Anthropocene’. ⁠

BICAR Public Talk.jpg

In this talk, Rohit Goel argues that NFTs would simply be the art world's latest enjoyment if they weren't sadomasochistic. In capitalism, we not only ‘enjoy’ our suffering in labor (masochism) but are compelled to do so by the system (sadism). We’ll see how NFTs both issue and abide capital’s sadomasochistic imperative.

Public Talk

Rohini - Talk - Website.png

Rohini Devasher's films, prints, sounds, drawings, and mappings of the antagonism of time and space walk the fine line between wonder and the uncanny, foregrounding the 'strangeness' of encountering, observing and recording both environment and experience.

Rohit Goel

Sept '22

Rohit Goel

July '22

Rohini Devasher

Nov '21

Public Talk

Banner - PP - Public Talk_edited.jpg

The questions of 'truth' and 'veracity' structure Pallavi Paul's practice. Her talk presents a discussion around her film works that deal with the tension between countenancing the world—working with the complex transference between sensation, history, memory, and reality—and representing the world, which often presumes a positivist capture of everyday life.

Pallavi Paul

Nov '21

WEBSITE Banner - Raqs - Public Talk - Catastrophic Anesthesia_edited.jpg

Raqs Media Collective turn against soothsaying by conceptualizing the infinite, the impossible as necessarily present, not as that which awaits us in some determinate, post-apocalyptic future. They work on the contemporary as always-already pathological, the apocalypse as having happened, and toxicity as the structure of the present that begs dismantling (Toxicity, current).

Raqs Media Collective

Nov '21

Banner - Lawrence - Public Talk_edited.jpg

What does catastrophe sound like? Can we hear the past in the present? What might it mean to score the contemporary as future perfect? Lawrence Abu Hamdan presents his work on reincarnation (current), considering the relation between past, present, and future temporalities through sound loops open and closed.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Nov '21

Public Talk


Walid Sadek demands we ‘labour the missing’ in his prose and artistic practice, confronting the regnant ideology of our contemporary -- melancholia, nostalgia -- through a careful critique of waiting for those who disappeared during Lebanon’s protracted civil war to return before politics can get started again. 

Walid Sadek

Oct '21

Course Announcement


BICAR introduces its forthcoming course on Robert Meister's opus, After Evil: A Politics of Human Rights. Moving between art history, architecture, psychoanalysis, jurisprudence, philosophy, and theology, Meister's global analysis of our contemporary is definitive. 

Oct '21

Rohit Goel


Juxtaposing images, built-forms, photographs, cinema, and archival documents of visual culture that undermine stereotypical particularizations of crisis and its replies in a global world order, Ala literally exhibits a revolutionary international of presence and absence in the same space-time: what is missing from here that is present elsewhere, what was done then that is being done now, and vice-versa?

Ala Younis

Oct '21

Public Talk

LAYER 1.png

In this talk, Rohit Goel reorients the faculty of memory – work through human suffering – by asking why catastrophe repeats, how memory has become untethered from its goal, by considering trauma outside experience in contemporary philosophy and the visual arts. 

Rohit Goel

Sep '21


BICAR introduces its forthcoming course ‘Pandemic’. We consider the state of the nation in the wake of the novel coronavirus, encouraging students to think afresh about the manner in which politics, economics, and policies unfold in times of a global crisis.

Rohit Goel

May '21

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 12.21.54

Building on a reading of Padamsee's existentialism - his work as depiction of 'being-in-itself' - Rohit sees Padamsee's oeuvre as an ongoing struggle to find a position between existence and thought, a painstaking search for a medium of 'being' and 'sense'. 

Rohit Goel

Feb '21


A discussion between a philosopher and a contemporary dancer, Padmini Chettur and Rohit Goel will push us to think about how humans can be mindful bodies and embodied minds. Reckoning with the human condition, they will choreograph a thought of incompletion. 

Padmini Chettur, Rohit Goel

June '20


Mahesh Baliga's work presents depth in and on (normal) surfaces, the consequence of a true painterly medium. In his talk/walk-through with the artist, Rohit Goel will consider how aesthetics offer crucial psychoanalytical insights.

Rohit Goel, Mahesh Baliga

Jan '20


Organised by BICAR Lebanon, the Goethe-Institut Lebanon, and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Beirut, this panel discussion brings together two contexts, that of Bosnia and Lebanon, in order to consider the questions of civil war and its so-called post war temporality.

Damir Arsenijević, Rohit Goel

June '19

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