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Edit is BICAR’s end-to-end copyediting service for businesses, law firms, galleries, museums, educational institutes, newspapers, journals, NGOs, individuals, any entity wanting to write clearly, directly, and persuasively without sacrificing the complexity of its ideas, the identity of its prose and, of course, grammatical and syntactical correctness. 

Even before COVID-19, technologies such as websites, e-zines and newspapers, blogs, and lean printing accelerated the speed with which we write, edit, and publish, a double-edged sword: although the public sphere now benefits from written information in ‘real time’, the pressure to publish quickly has compromised writing quality and comprehension.

Our team of trained copyeditors ensures your digital and print writing reaches your target audiences effectively - with your voice, your style, and your message. BICAR: Edit works with clients on retainer but considers copyediting individual projects such as books and websites.

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