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Curating Contemporary Archives

Public Talk

Ala Younis

Oct '21

Curating Contemporary Archives

The curator and artist Ala Younis exhibits work that stitches together ‘evental’ experiences of recurring crises across the world, as well as between time– the past, present, and future. An Index of Tensional and Unintentional Love of Land (2014) exhibits the particular instance of Palestinian struggle– from the nakba to the naksa until the contemporary crisis– in relation to other revolutionary events, accomplisments, and disappointments. Juxtaposing images, built-forms, photographs, cinema, and archival documents of visual culture that undermine stereotypical particularizations of crisis and its replies in a global world order, Ala literally exhibits a revolutionary international of presence and absence in the same space-time: what is missing from here that is present elsewhere, what was done then that is being done now, and vice-versa? She uses the exhibition space-form to put geographies and temporalities in rigorous conversation with one another.

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