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An Edible Gold

Public Talk

Moza Almatrooshi

Sept '22

An Edible Gold

Bees have been collaborating with humans for at least 9,000 years, as a source of medicine and food as well as religious and cultural inspiration. Bees increase food quantity and quality through pollination; and there would be no cucumbers, mustard or almonds without bees. They play a vital part not only in agricultural production but also in forestry and climate regulation. Monocropping, pesticides and higher temperatures associated with climate change all pose serious problems for bee populations and, by extension, for us. Moza Almatrooshi’s works "There / This / Here is an edible gold" lyrically fuse the cares and conflicts that surround bees, their honey and their interactions with humanity. From the knowledge and experience of the beekeeper to the flora and fauna that make the perfect ingredient for honey, to carefully constructed travel cases through which the bees experience immigration issues, discrimination and identity crisis. This talk will take a closer look into the themes that arose as the artworks were coming together.

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