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We will explore (1) the phenomenon of 'Orientalism' in the global contemporary: how do persistent divisions of East and West affect making, writing, and thinking in an apparently relational, globalizing world?; (2) contemporary feminist approaches to gender and identity politics: how might performative practices work to upset and rigidify hierarchical identity categories?; and, (3) can a meta-critical political and aesthetic approach to desire eliminate hierarchy once and for all?

BICAR, Warehouse421

Nov '20 - Sept '21


Future perfect is a perspective of the future on what the past (our present) will have been if we do not think, act, and create in the here and now of contemporary catastrophe. The curatorial development program will entail rigorous study, artist and artwork selection, and writing on the future perfect, a tense introduced with modern science’s revolutionary break from ‘animism’ and the contemporary aesthetic turn to perspective.

Sept '21 - Jan '22

BICAR, Warehouse421

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