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The Art and Architecture of Language

Write: Logic

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This course treats the ‘body’ parts of written texts: how should writers conceive, style, and organize justifications of the claims you make to readers?

Too often, writers presume that sheer statement of arguments or claims persuade readers:
‘Our company is an industry leader…’

‘I am the most suitable candidate for this position/ university/ fellowship…’

‘Technology is a curse…’ etc.


Or, when writers do try to justify their claims, they often do not organize and stylize their evidence, methods, and interpretations in a logical, convincing way.

We always write to inform readers - to make claims about the world that readers take seriously - whether in email, blog posts, journal and newspaper articles, press releases, advertisements, academic papers, fellowship applications, really in any form of writing. This course will teach you how to ground the claims you write with clarity and persuasion. 


Mondays and Thursdays
6:30PM - 8:30PM 
India Standard Time


9,500 INR

Worldwide Registration Open

Students who complete the course (attendance) are eligible for a BICAR Certificate of Completion. Those who complete all three Write courses - Style, Argument and Logic - over two calendar years are eligible for a BICAR Diploma in The Art and Architecture of Language.

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