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21st Century Vernissage, Or, Nature’s Screen

Public Talk

Heather H. Yeung

Dec '22

21st Century Vernissage, Or, Nature’s Screen

This talk is the outworking of various audaciously super-condensed critiques of the logic of the aesthetic, bio(s)graphical, and curatorial modelling and finishing (off) of art-as-nature and the nature of the art (as) (art)work, as found in the poem and artists book ‘c.21st vernissage’.

In particular, the talk will take an abyssal perspective on the disorientations of the cracked screen and vanishing frame (a non-surface-based perspective on the varnish, the ‘finish’ of a work) – looking too closely at the problems of the cracks and their dimensionality, how works are ‘finished’ by de- or un- framing, and the variability of resultant light-effects – and move through numerous examples to think through, and begin to ‘see’ through, thereby, how an un-naturalisation of the model/work and finish/screen re-/trans-forms or re-frames an articulation of the question of the screen, perspective, or dimensionality, of so-called nature, all leading to and built upon a critique of the question and display of a perpetual personal in the human condition of how we see we are modelling a(nd) va(r)nishing (nature).

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