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Continental Psychoanalysis Module II

December '21

Continental Psychoanalysis: Culture

Continental Psychoanalysis: Culture

At least since the 1960’s, ‘cultural studies’ has taken off in academe -- literary, cinema, sound, and performative analyses and productions (class, gender, race, intersectional…) -- as well as in political activism, the art world, politics and governance, ‘everyday’ life. Identity deconstruction, reconstruction, and ‘performativity’ have become the ultimate horizon for human being, thinking, and creating together. What is more, with the contemporary philosophical and art world insistence on vitalist, new materialist ontologies, the culturalist human horizon of epistemology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics has extended to nature, ecology, and the ‘non-human’ world more generally.

Over eight sessions, the course lays the strongest possible ground built by our culturalist contemporary, nomos of the earth, while developing a continental psychoanalytic rebuttal, considering Hegel’s in-aesthetics, Marx’s productively critical engagement with Hegel, Freud’s meta-psychological critique of culturalism, Freudo-Marxism’s mistake (Marcuse, Osho), Foucault’s missed encounter, as well as Lacan and the Slovenian school’s clarifying position against choosing nature or culture to assess human being, instead rigorously analyzing the shared missing link that humans embody at the joint of nature and culture (Chiesa, Copjec, Dolar, Ruda, and Zupancic).

About the Professor

Rohit Goel

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