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Pallavi Paul (b.1987) is a film scholar and visual artist. Her practice speculates the stake of non-fiction in contemporary life. Through her works and writings she observes how this encounter tests the contours of fantasy, resistance, politics, poetry and history.  Paul’s artistic work has been shown in spaces including the AV festival  Newcastle, Fitzwilliam Museum,  Contour Biennale, Tate Modern, Rubin Museum, Bhaudaji Lad Museum, Whitechapel Gallery, HKW and Savvy Contemporary. Her most recent work ‘The Blind Rabbit’ premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival 2021 where she was also invited to deliver the De Balie Freedom Lecture. Some other festivals where Paul’s moving image works have been shown include the Sheffield Docfest, Experimenta, TENT festival  and MAMI . Paul is also the recipient of the DAAD Artist-in- Berlin fellowship 2021-2022, ICAS:MP  post-doctoral fellowship 2022-23,  RISD visiting artist fellowship 2017 and Charles Wallace- Inlaks Sivdasani fellowship 2014.  Other fellowships that have supported her practice include – CSDS social and digital media fellowship, India Foundation for the Arts practice fellowship, PSBT fellowship for non-fiction film.  Her writings have appeared in academic journals including Bioscope, South Asian Film and Media Studies. She is also an itinerant contributor to media portals like Wire, Indian Express, Scroll and HardNews. Paul is a part of the forthcoming volume (2021) of academic essays ‘Act of Media’ by SAGE publications.

Her solo shows include ‘Mistaking < > for Direction Signs’ at Project 88 (Nov 2014- January 2015), ‘Terra Firma’ at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (October 2017- February 2018) and 'Not a Simple Disappearance but a Slow Dissolution' at Project 88 (26 October 2018- 24th November 2018). 

She has recently received her PhD from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU.

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