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Writing Academic Texts


All academic writers – students writing final papers for classes, essayistic journalists with a pressing due date, professors who can’t seem to hit send on a book manuscript – have experienced the terror of ‘writer’s block’, the literal petrification of the hand with pen in front of a blank sheet or, in this day-and-age, the paralysis of our fingers on computer keyboards while staring into the abyssal, white nothingness of an unwritten ‘Word Doc’.

BICAR’s two-day workshop on ‘Writing Academic Texts’ will provide necessary reprieve, teaching concrete skills to students, long-form journalists, public intellectuals, and professors who know what they’re thinking critically but get stuck honing and translating that thought in written form. We’ll see how the solutions are so simple, concluding the workshop with a collective laugh at ‘writer’s block’.

22 May and 29 May, 2022

11:00 AM - 3:30 PM IST


4,500 INR

Worldwide Registration Open

Students who complete the workshop are eligible for a BICAR Certificate of Completion. 

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