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Writing Successful Applications


This two-day workshop will dissipate the anxiety we all feel when applying to schools, colleges, postgraduate programs, grants, fellowships, jobs, really when we apply to/for anything.We tend to feel anxious when applying, first, because we view ourselves as independent from what we want to join (a university, institution, company, etc.) and from whom we seek remuneration (scholarships, fellowships, wages, etc.).

In the workshop, we’ll work through this mistaken perspective concretely, learning how to write applications to audiences we feel a part of and, hence, allowing juries and decision-makers to see clearly how you’ll be the right fit. Second and more generally, writing – putting words on the page – is an anxiety inducing process. How do I style, argue, and logically organize my application to articulate why I am the right fit in a persuasive way? We’ll answer this question as well with careful, concrete rigor.

Saturday and Sunday
11:00 AM to 3:30 PM IST


4,500 INR

Worldwide Registration Open

Sessions will be conducted via Zoom.

Students who complete the workshop are eligible for a BICAR Certificate of Completion. 

Thank you!

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