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Praxis Module V

August '23

DISRUPTION: Eight Movements

DISRUPTION: Eight Movements

This course will analyse eight contemporary, creative disruptions in the history of modern art, dance, sound, and philosophy. Co-taught by a dancer and a philosopher, Padmini Chettur and Rohit Goel will stage a dialectical movement between carefully selected contemporary artworks and theoretical arguments.

Disruption inaugurates BICAR’s series: Becoming Contemporary Again. Today, we’re awash with ‘postmodern’, culturalist approaches to the contemporary inclined to fusing art and theory, thought and feeling, mind and body, tradition and modernity, always merging the two into ones, difference into identities. We’ve lost sight of the creative break that modernity inaugurated and that contemporaries should protect. Courses and events in this program tarry with the creative disruption that contemporary art and thought require.

About the Professors

Padmini Chettur & Rohit Goel

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